OJ Da Juiceman


Rapper OJ da Juiceman, formally known as Otis Williams Jr, founded 32 Entertainment in 2004. Born November 23, 1981. OJ da Juiceman’s rap name derives from his born nickname OJ, his neighborhood associates calling him Juice from his teen years, and later adding Man. Juiceman’s original rap name was Goldmouth, being so many people had also chosen the name for themselves, he opted for the more unique OJ da Juiceman. OJ da Juiceman performed his first rap verse in 6th grade on the school yard. It wouldn’t be until 2004 when he would record his first song, Goldmouth. Most known for his hit trap anthem, ‘Make da Trap Aye’ featuring childhood friend Gucci Mane. Juiceman has a number of classic street anthems, ‘Cop a Chicken’, ‘Boomin n Bunkin’, and ‘I Be Trapping’, just to name a few. The label’s name 32 Entertainment was named for the 32 Bouldercrest Marta bus stop where OJ once hung. That same bus stop was located in front of Sun Valley apartments, where OJ earned his stripes. He and his big sister Terri were raised there by their single mother. Although his dad, Otis Williams Sr, was active in their lives.

Juiceman has remained independent from day one. Even after signing a distribution deal with Warner Brothers from 2009-2011, through another management company. Oj da Juiceman kept 32 Entertainment afloat, releasing 40 mixtapes and 3 albums. As well as nationally rocking many show stages. Juiceman also expands his brand adding acting role credits in 4 films.

After being diagnosed with diabetes and shot 8 times, within the same week in 2008, OJ da Juiceman decided to dedicate more time to his music. Hence the mixtape flooding. Juiceman has received accolades including an ASCAP award for his feature on Gucci Mane’s Wasted Remix and 2010 XXL Freshman. OJ da Juiceman’s song ‘No Hook’ was also featured on the highly popular Atlanta sitcom series debut. Juiceman has also collaborated with major artists like Project Pat, R Kelly, Mariah Carey, and Jadakiss, just to name a few.

OJ da Juiceman is continuing the 32 Entertainment brand by releasing his artist and nephew Tank’s, Teflon Tank, debut mixtape. With major endorsement campaigns like Colt 45 Malt Liquor’s new drink Pile Driver. Even product merchandising, products that can be found along with his music and videos on this site, 32-Entertainment.com

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